"It is a happy talent to know how to play."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Teaching Shakespeare at GW Prep in Los Angeles

Teaching Shakespeare at GW Prep in Los Angeles

RED PUPS Creative Dramatics Academy is a RED DOG SQUADRON community outreach initiative that provides students in grades K-8 in the greater Los Angeles area with a quality introduction to ensemble-driven dramatic play and purpose.

The goal of the RED PUPS initiative is to provide the children in our community with an introduction to performance and theatrical expression that empowers creative and collaborative play.

RED PUPS views storytelling and performance art as integral to the education of each individual and of vital importance as cultural capital within our society as a whole. Providing young children with a comprehensive and fun introduction to the world of drama enriches and builds bridges between the arts and academic education and ensures the continued creation not only of new theatre artists, but of inspired and engaged theatre patrons, as well.

Currently teaching at the Larchmont Charter Schools, RED PUPS plans to offer after-school programs and special workshops, as well.



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