RED PUPS Creative Dramatics Academy is a RED DOG SQUADRON community outreach initiative that provides students in grades K-4 in the greater Los Angeles area with a quality introduction to ensemble-driven dramatic play and purpose, as well as in-school theatrical education advocacy and workshops.

Through this program, RED DOG SQUADRON will provide young children of the greater Los Angeles area with the following:

•Weekly Saturday classes in ensemble-based Creative Dramatics for children in grades K-4. These classes will begin with theatre games designed to foster improvisational and collaborative skills as well as creative use of the body, voice and imagination and culminate in a student-generated performance for an audience of their friends and families.

•Month-long educational residencies in area elementary schools. In the first of these sessions, RED PUPS staff will perform a canonical dramatic work adapted for an audience of children as an introduction to the world of collaborative storytelling. Subsequent sessions will introduce lessons and theatrical games designed to build a core understanding of creative expression in relation to performance and storytelling. All lessons will fulfill the arts education standards as outlined by the Consortium of National Arts Education Associations and the California State Board of Education.

Additionally, RED PUPS will present bi-monthly workshops open to all Los Angeles educators in which theatrical games and activities are introduced as means to enrich traditional academic curriculum.

The goal of the RED PUPS initiative is to provide the children in our community with an introduction to performance and theatrical expression that empowers creative and collaborative play. RED DOG SQUADRON views storytelling and performance art as integral to the education of each individual and of vital importance as cultural capital within our society as a whole. Providing young children with a comprehensive and fun introduction to the world of drama enriches and builds bridges between the arts and academic education and ensures the continued creation not only of new theatre artists, but of inspired and engaged theatre patrons, as well.

To get involved or for more information, please contact RED DOG:
reddog [at] reddogsquadron [dot] com