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The West-Coast Premiere of CAL IN CAMO by William Francis Hoffman opened at VS. Theatre October 13th, 2018 and ran through November 16th under the direction of Amy K. Harmon with the following cast and crew:

Cal Bree Turner Tim Brad Raider Flynt Tim Cummings Owner Andrew Thacher

Producer Gabrielle Doheny Producer Andi Chu Set Design Se Hyon Oh Costume Design Gali Noy Lighting Design Derrick McDaniel Original Music and Sound Design Christopher Moscatiello Stage Manager Niki Armato Co-Producer David Rock Asst. Stage Manager Anna Atwater House Manager Dave Postal Set Construction Red Colegrove Asst. Costume Design Cailey Breneman Graphic Design Bill Strecker Graphic Design Tanya J. Ramsey Web Guru Danny Gilmore Director of Photography David Rodriguez Prop Master / Set Dresser Meredith Green Makeup Design Allie Long


“IMPECCABLY produced and STUNNINGLY performed ... Harmon directs with bold sensitivity. A BRILLIANT, affecting display of ensemble performance at the HIGHEST LEVEL of the craft.”

- Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes

"This play showcases the talents of three actors, certainly AMONG LA’s BEST, with a REMARKABLE range of emotion."

- Bonnie Priever and Charlie Prior, Curtain Up

“EXPLODES with storm and drive. An intense and fascinating study of real people struggling with real problems ... CAL IN CAMO is a must.”

- Elaine Mura, Splash Magazine

"Bree Turner delivers a POWERFUL performance … A chilling, metaphoric drama with dialogue as raw as its wounded characters … CAL IN CAMO delivers a COMPELLING, EMOTIONAL roller coaster ride."

- Peter Foldy, Hollywood Revealed

“CAL IN CAMO boasts an EXCELLENT cast ... Cummings is reliably one of the BEST ACTORS in LA Theatre.”

- Terry Morgan, Stage Raw

“METICULOUSLY SCULPTED both in lighting, sound, and production design, VS. and RED DOG represent the VERY BEST that LA’s unheralded theatres bring to the table.”

- Leigh Kennicott, ShowMag

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3C by David Adjmi

with Marin Ireland, Evan Rachel Wood, Brad Raider, Jimmi Simpson, Annette O'Toole, and Kurt Fuller

was read on January 14th, 2016

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